Space is limited in each class, so register early to reserve your spot!  Choose 2 half day courses, or one all day course and leave with your own handmade items and new skills.  No prior experience necessary!

We will be updating the list below as we add classes.


Birch Shrink Boxes with Jess Hirsch


Plant Potions with Samantha Martinez

Culinary Herbalism (Half Day Course)


The best way to use plants as medicine is to incorporate them into our daily lives and kitchens! In this workshop we will explore the medicinal properties and flavors of wild harvested and homegrown herbs. We will use both fresh and dried materials to infuse into culinary bases of water, vinegars, botanical oils, salts, fats, and honey. This will include hands-on creation of: wild tea blends, herb salts, compound butters, herbal oils, and herbal/floral-infused honeys. 


Participants will leave with stimulated minds and taste buds, small jars of created plant potions, and a handout with base recipes and instructions for future infusions.


Materials Cost: $20

Wild Apothecary with Samantha Martinez

First Aid Kit (Half Day Course)

In this workshop, we will work to create compact and lightweight herbal first aid kits using a variety of wild medicinal plants. We will cover the guidelines to responsible harvest, when and where to find the plants used, medicinal properties of ingredients, and situations of best use for each formula.


Participants will take home their own kit including small refillable jars or tins of: wound powder, trauma balm, nourishing vitamineral tea, antimicrobial tinctures, healing salve, herbal honeys, and medicinal bark bundles.


Materials Cost:  $20


Spoon Carving