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Workshops 2022

Space is limited in each class, so register early to reserve your spot!  Choose 2 half day courses, or one all day course and leave with your own handmade items and new skills.  No prior experience necessary!

Register on the Avon Hills Folk School website HERE!

Dala Horse Carving with Jess Hirsch

Learn how to carve a Dala horse using traditional Nordic carving techniques. We go over grain direction, knife holds for the Sloyd knife, and finishing. This class is great for the beginner or the person wanting to learn Sloyd style carving. Please note: we will not be painting these horses.

Materials fee is $15.

This course is a half day class offered in the morning or afternoon.

Paper Making with Sophia Hotzler 

This is an entry level class where students will learn the basics of making Western style paper. Students will be guided through the process of making pulp, preparing the vat, pulling sheets, couching the paper, pressing the paper and will learn various drying methods. Students are also encouraged to experiment with adding botanicals, such as flower petals, and other found materials to their paper. Materials for making paper will be provided, students may bring a waterproof apron and shoes if they desire.


Materials fee is $10.

This course is a half day class offered in the morning or afternoon.

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Introduction to Casting with Pewter with Shane Mahon

In this exciting class, You’ll learn how to work molten metal. You’ll learn basic concepts, make molds, pour and cast. Possibilities include buttons, drawer pulls, pendants, ornaments, small sculptures, and more. Because modern pewter is lead-free, the objects you create can be functional and safe. You’ll leave with several finished pieces and a kit to continue casting at home.


Material Cost: $25 


Materials Include:

¼ pound Lead Free Pewter* 

Casting Sand

Sand Casting Frame

Easy Mold Silicone Putty

and more!

This course is a half day class offered in the morning or afternoon.

Viking Chair with Kate Schiffler

Make a collapsible wood "VIKING CHAIR"  for your campfire gatherings. Students will be using hand tools and power tools to make this comfy seat. 

This seating option will be made with air dried lumber harvested from the Avon Hills Folk School forest.

Materials fee is $10.

This class is offered in the morning.

Net Tying with Kyle Jameson

Participants will spend the morning learning the relaxing art of net weaving.

Using tools and techniques used from the Stone Age to the present, they will learn the basic tying methods.

Nets made during this class have a nearly endless variety of uses: storing and transporting cargo, including live animals (not recommended), sports nets, hammocks, and clothing for the fashion conscious.

Students will take home their tools to continue tying nets in their free time.

Materials fee: $15.

This class is offered in the afternoon

Wet Molded Sheath with Kyle Jameson

Learn to make a custom shaped sheath to fit your beloved knife (or pliers, multitool, scissors, etc.) like a glove (or a hug)

Participants will learn to shape and mold leather to fit the tool they have provided. They will have the option to finish the sheath with decorative line work, dyes, and beeswax.

Material fee: $15

This class is offered in the morning.


Note: Knives or tools with large hand guards may not be well suited to this class. If participants have questions ahead of time, they may email

Forest Bathing 101 with Betsy Nelson

Being present and breaking through the ‘green wall’:  Time in nature can be so healing for the body, mind and soul so ditch the ear buds when you walk in the woods and take time to notice the complete sensory experience…shapes, colors, textures, smells, sounds and even tastes.  We will take a walk and notice the diversity of what is growing around us and identify the plants and explore them by touching, smelling and tasting some.  We will also take time to sketch plants, which is much more powerful for learning to identify them rather than relying on cell phone snaps.  We will chat about foraging ethics and safety and see what presents itself to us to make a little herbal medicine.  No matter what we find, I am sure that immersive time in the forest is medicine enough!

This class is offered in the morning.

Root Medicine with Betsy Nelson

Autumn is the time for root medicine in Western Herbalism.  Dandelion, yellow dock and burdock are common plants that grow plentifully in a variety of landscapes.  They are also tremendously medicinal, so we will go out to find and identify them, take time to sketch them and talk about what medicine each plant has to offer.  We will make some herbal tinctures  and digestive bitters for students to take home.  


Materials fee of $15/per person will cover the cost of jars, vodka, apple cider vinegar for the medicine making.

This class is offered in the afternoon.

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