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AROUND the farm

Avon Hills Folk School


64 acres of lush landscape greet each visitor as they arrive.  The panoramic views of uninterrupted nature overtake you as you are enveloped by nothing but trees and are surrounded by Mother Nature's pets as they roam and graze. The on site pond beckons you to sit down and swing as nature comes alive around you.  The sounds of the nearby creek provide the soundtrack as you explore the rolling hills and other landmarks that surround the farm.  It is a place of tranquility and a rare opportunity to experience nature's magnificence.


Learn more about the Avon Hills Folk School  HERE

Structures around the Farm

All the buildings and constructions located aroud the farm and the surrounding landscape were built by hand by Francis Schellinger and his family. The uniquness of each structure shows the playful way Francis saw the world around him. He was a carpenter by trade, but he also used his skills to create wonderful functional works of art. Francis also produced inventive original wood art in his leisure time.

Avon Hills

The Avon Hills landscape, located in Stearns County, encompasses approximately 80 square miles in Avon, Saint Joseph, Collegeville, and Saint Wendel townships. The landscape contains the highest concentration of native plant communities in the county, including oak and maple-basswood forests, tamarack and mixed-hardwood swamps, and wet meadows. It harbors several rare plants and amimals, including cerulean warbler, red-shouldered hawk, Blanding's turtle, American ginseng, and least darter. The area has been identified as ecologically significant by The Nature Conservancy's Eco-Regional Plan.

Annual Bouja

Every Second Saturday in October is the Avon Hills Community Bouja. All are welcome, just bring a dessert to share! 

Avon Hills Folk School

Chris Schellinger's long term plan for the farm is to start the Avon Hills Folk School. The first project he has on the books is to finish the construction on his timber frame sugar shack. Maple trees are abundant on the property, and the Schellinger family has been producing Maple Syrup for three generations.


There is a lot of updating to get the farm up to speed. Chris is always looking for volunteers to help him rebuild some of the farm structures. It is a great learning opportunity for all involved.

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